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The skirt is a feminine clothing item, no doubt in that! There are many types of skirt you can choose according to your fashion style.

Today, we will talk about the pleated skirt, an item that you should’t miss it. This type of skirt is one of the trends to wear this summer and is as sexy and flirty as it gets. If you combine it in different ways, you can get a casual, a party or even a sporty kind of look.

This skirt comes in different lengths – short, midi or long. The palette of colors is quite vast, metallic and pastels included. If you want to make a statement choose a vibrant color or a metallic one. If you’re a romantic or a classic girl, choose pastels to get that cool vibe on street style inspiration.

It’s a versatile item and it suits almost every type of silhouette. If it’s a good cut, the skirt will highlight the best features you have. If you’re quite slim, the midi one will make your body with a little extra.

Give up on those classic trends and try new terriories. Choose colors, unusual cuts and try on an innovative styling and remember: RED is the new NEUTRAL during the 2017 Spring Summer Season.

#1. Casual Looks

The casual look involves casual shoes. The best choice would be with a fur accessory or a bow, or even metallic golden ones. This kind of outfit will atract admirative looks on you and will create a powerful contrast. Choose minimalist jewelry and a scarf from a fluid material.


casual-elegant-sporty-looks-with-pleated-midi-short-long-skirt-women-steer-style casual-elegant-sporty-looks-with-pleated-midi-short-long-skirt-women-steer-style

#2. Elegant Looks

For those special occasions in which the little black dressfeels overrated, choose a pleated skirt with a pair of glitter boots with thick heels, an elegant shirt in a neutral color, oversize jewelry and a glitter tasteful necklace with a unique design. The party with the girls shall begin now!

#3. Sporty Looks

Rock your Converse sneakers with a pleated skirt and go conquer the world!

Photo Sources: Pinterest, Zara


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