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Every girl who dreams to become a model, thinks that she has to be tall and with ideal measurements. Although, the high fashion models are similar to this description, you all should know that it’s not completely true. Have you even thought what type of model would you be?

It’s not mandatory to have 90-60-90, to have a gorgeous face or to be in a perfect shape. Skinny is overrated and many designers search something particular to represent their brand. It’s not a specific recipe of beauty.

The modeling industry has a lot of needs. TV commercials, runway, magazines, movies – there are lots of areas to become part in.

Here we will describe the many types of modeling you will find in the modeling industry. Some models only fit into one category, while another may fit into multiple.

HIGH FASHION – The models have specific measurements and a height between 172 and 180 cm. Their age is 14-25 years for men and 16-40 yeas for women. It’s the type of fasion model from the international catwalks and posing in the famous brands editorials.

EDITORIAL PRINT – It’s the same pattern as earlier, but being photogenic is a must. These models are the ones from the editorial spreads of pages like Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Cosmopolitan. They attend photo shootings around the globe because they express something with their posing figure.

COMMERCIAL PRINT – It’s a free will because it includes everyone no matter the measurements or height. These ones are used at a large scale. They have print advertisements, catalogs, campaigns, television shows, magazines, trade shows, and much more. Most agency models work in this category.

CATALOGUE MODELING – There are lots of brands which need models to pose for their own catalogue. Either it’s for the brand or a specific collection, models are needed at a regulas basis. General catalog models are needed in all shapes and sizes.

PLUS SIZE MODELING – This kind of modeling is for the voluptuous girls. They need to have amazing smile and that “je ne sais quoi”. The height must be 172 cm. The size doesn’t count because most brands want to adress to a larger scale of people.

FITNESS MODEL – Fitness models are toned, in-shape, healthy, and have good muscle tone. There are no size/height requirements, but you MUST be fit.


GLAMOUR MODELING – It focuses much more on the model’s appeal, beauty, and body. Models in this category are considered very pretty; able to book work simply by being attractive, a nice body, and having a sort of “sex appeal”.

PROMO MODEL – This one is a model hired to represent a brand, product, or service.

RUNWAY MODEL – Models that walk the catwalk or on the runway. These are hired to use their bodies as a mechanism to display the fashion garments of a specific clothing designer.

BODY PARTS MODELS – Most of models at the beginning of their career don’t even consider this kind of modeling. For this category you have to be fit and to expose some parts of your body.  This is for the sole purpose to promote a brand. The most used ones are lips, hair, eyes, hands, feet and nails.

TV COMMERCIALS – It’s not mandatory to be fit or own certain measurements because they are for everyone. Everything we use, eat, drink or see if from TV. The only things you have to own is stage movement and emotion. If you didn’t study any of it, you can learn.

REAL LIFE MODELS & TV/FILM EXTRAS – This models appear as secondary characters in TV comercials or movies. If you work with a flexible schedule, this may be a good opportunity to earn some extra money.

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