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Wimbledon Dress Code
Wimbledon Dress Code

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In the recent years, Wimbledon dress code has become the strictest dress code in tennis. This important Grand Slam tournament bearing the name of a district in London is famous for its restrictions regarding the way the players dress.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. All England Club is holding this big event every year since 1877. Best international players play on outdoor grass courts. As a 100% British landmark, it always applied the Royal principles, especially when it comes to dress codes. However, the organizers are extremely elaborate concerning every detail such as choosing the ball boys and girls (BBG’s). For instance, they play a crucial role in the smooth running of the tournament. That is why a good BBG “should not be seen. They should blend into the background and get on with their jobs quietly”. (via Wikipedia) That says it all, doesn’t it?

Wimbledon Dress Code for 2017

This year, the championship celebrates it’s 140th anniversary. The decision of the of the All England Club for 2017 was that all players wear white on the court.

The strictness of a dress code on the tennis court dates back to the 1880’s. The idea was to avoid the unpleasant sight of sweat through clothing. Thus, they decided that tennis players are only allowed to wear white clothes. Even if over the years the US Open changed these rules and allowed colored clothing, it was not the case with All England Club. They always stick to tradition.

The officials need to approve the sport clothing a few months before the tournament starts. Some players thought they could skip the dress code rules, but they were quickly forced to adhere.

Main rules for Wimbledon Dress Code

There are some important rules for a tennis player who wants to take part in the competition.

  1. Only white is allowed. Cream or off-white is not acceptable.
  2. Color trims are permitted. However, there are some restrictions to it. Thus, trims or any other patterns or logos have to be 1 cm wide.
  3. Also, the shoes must be white with no large logo whatsoever.
  4. The rule apply to undergarments too. And they must be out of sight!

Of course, for non-British players, these rules seem more than odd and some of them still protest. Still, even the most famous and well-paid tennis players have no other option that obey the rules if they want to stay in. For instance, Roger Federer needed to change his orange-soled trainers. Previously, Andre Aggasi refused to play as his denim shorts and garish tops were consider out of the dress code.

 Is there a Wimbledon Dress Code for spectators? 

Even though initially there was also a strict dress code for spectators too, this year they are simply advised to dress smart. In fact, it is no more to it than when meeting the Queen, as the tournament is a major event. Thus, torn jeans running vests, dirty trainers and sports shorts are not on the list of approved clothing. Depending on the area where they have tickets, spectators may also have to give up jeans and trainers.However, within the Member’s Enclosure, men must wear a lounge suit or tailored jacket, shirt, and tie.

As we all know British weather is less friendly, a cardigan and waterproofs are also permitted.

What else you can wear as a Wimbledon Spectator?

Well, denim became very popular so it is generally accepted even at the traditional Wimbledon. Still, don’t make it too casual! You may want to try matching it with a shirt or a jacket. But if you want to be sure, choose Ralph Lauren, as he dresses up the Wimbledon officials.

Even so, you would be surprised to discover that most spectators like to wear white. We do not know if it is because of the strictness of the organizers or because of the hot weather this year.

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