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Dreaming about those summer days is what keeps us going through the rough week. A swimsuit and a cocktail may be the perfect picture to have in your mind right now. But in order to shop the perfect swimsuit, you need to know the Spring Summer 2017 Swimwear trends.

Here are TOP 10 trends to consider while shopping.

#1. Tasseled Swimsuits

These are great for a beach party, day or night. If you are going to have fun, you might as well have a gorgeous swimsuit.

#2. High Cuts

Bold colors and graphic shapes are the standout words here. Sheer cutouts added to an ordinary swimsuit may be the range of the party! It goes from near transparent to near opaque. Go for it because you’ll be the sheer beauty of the day!

#3. Crop Tops

The crop top fashion has been on the runways for a few seasons now. No matter how you look, a crop top can compliment your body in ways you never expected. Some of them are meant to combine bikini with single pieces in amazing vibrant colors.

#4. Laced Sidings

Showing skin in a common sense kind of way is more than we expected. It’s hot and wild and we love it! Besides, laces are huge this season! We see the look in multiple styles from halters to spaghetti straps, push-ups and deep V necklines.

#5. One-Shoulder Wraps

These swimsuits are gorgeous and flatters those of you with large breasts. Asymmetric cuts are not limited to dresses, we find it even in Spring Summer 2017 Trends in Swimwear.

#6. The Cut-Out Sides

With an highlight on the waist and the toned figure, the cut-out sides can be a good choice at the pool. This trend has a touch of sexy and a vibe of romantism.

#7. V-Necklines

One of the sexiest summer 2017 swimsuit trend on the runways these days, the V-necklines are a hot choice. They can be found in one-piece swimsuits and are the rage at the beach.

#8. High Waists

A classy look, this may be a good choice for those of you who want to hide some parts while getting a tan. It’s sexy, comfy and very trendy this season.

#9. Ruffles

They are everywhere, but, this time, on your swimsuit. Ruffles are a sure sign of a more innocent beauty, even at the pool.

#10. A Beach Bride

A beach wedding is always a good idea! Why not go for it? The swimsuits come in single pieces and double, off-the-shoulder and halter top, super sexy and modern.

Photo Source: Fashionisers

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