Fashion Worldwide: Yoga and Activewear Fashion trends in 2017
activewear fashion trends

“The goal of yoga is to become your authentic self. You learn about yourself once you begin a yoga practice. How you show up on your yoga mat is how you show up in the rest of your life. How you move your body says something about the kind of person you are. Fashion is a similar form of expression.” –  Ava Taylor

Until some years ago, yoga and fitness did not have trends. Black, black and white was the basic colors for active wear.

Times are changing for fashion too. Demands for fancy work clothing are being replaced by demands for fashionable comfort. In this context, activewear is gaining more and more attention from the fashion designers.

Yoga and activewear fashion trends in 2017


Crop Top Bras

activewear fashion trends

Straight out the 1990’s, it is gaining major popularity. A full coverage crop top bra with a high neckline offers a stylish look for your yoga or gym outfit. In trends are those with fun prints and solid colors, making it easy to match with different leggings.

 Harem Pants

activewear fashion trends

A blend between “hammer pants” and traditional Indian sari pants, everyone loves harem pants for yoga. They are so comfortable that you might not want to take them off!


activewear fashion trends

It is sexy and comfy in the same time! The bodysuit trend is not just for ballet dancers anymore. And its versatility is unbeatable. Hence you’ll never have to worry about rumpled, tucked-in tops again!

Moto Leggings

activewear fashion trends

2017 is about more fun yoga legging style. With the spotted glossy motor details on the thighs and knees, these Moto Leggings make a definite fashion statement on and off the yoga space.


activewear fashion trends

Jogger pant is a must-have trend this year.  Must say that is a super comfortable, stylish and great yoga pant alternative. The jogger is making its way from athletes and runners to yogis.

Keep in mind that brighter, bolder prints, cell phone pockets and camouflage print are the activewear fashion trends in 2017.

And before thinking that fashion must stay away from gym, think about these: both, Fashion and Yoga are powerful ways to transform oneself. These are great vehicles for both self-expression and identity metamorphosis.

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